Training Plans and Events

With the Run The Wall challenge getting closer and closer, it’s time to put a plan together.

I have identified that we have 4 distinct groups of people committed to doing Run The Wall 2020. Those that,

  1. are experienced long distance runners who want to run the majority of the event
  2. have committed to a spring marathon and RTW
  3. are going to run and walk the whole distance but are not experienced at long distance training
  4. are going to run or walk one day of the RTW

I have generated training plans for each of these groups. If you need assistance understanding the plans, just let me know.

I will organise supported long runs which will give everyone the opportunity to meet each other and also share knowledge and experience. The first one will be on the 1st December and will be 10/12 miles. Obviously you can run the whole of it. Or walk the majority with some running where you can. We will use the canal and run out to a support point, where you can get fluids and snacks before starting the return journey.

On the second Wednesday of each month I will arrange to meet at the Lock Keeper 7:15pm to discuss anything to do with training for RTW, the more people that share their experience the better. For December this will be Wednesday 11th December.

Going forward I will also organise for some experts to share tips with us, be it on Nutrition, Footcare, kit etc. The first one will be in January, exact date tbc.

Click the button below to download the appropriate training plan for your part in the event.

Experienced Runner (1) Spring Marathon Runner (2) Running Full Event (3) Running One Day (4)

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