November 3rd, 2020

The Steady Eddies take on the Run The Wall Halloween Challenge 2020

Another fabulous virtual event launched by the Run The Wall team and the Steady Eddies quickly signed up, drumming up supporters along the way.

With so many running events cancelled over the last few months, it had been such a long time since we had all had something to plan and get excited for. And, just like the 90 miles of May, this was another excellent opportunity to give us all something to look forward to as well as contributing vital funds to the great cause.

We signed up and then spent many an evening trot, deciding on the route, trying to weather forecast; where will be muddy? Where will be the most scenic? Where can we run so that those doing 5k can join those doing 10k? And the most vital of it all, are we doing it in fancy dress?! It didn't take Donna and Claire long at all to get very over excited and carried away and soon talked the Steady Eddies into it, purple themed of course. The route was set, our very own stunning Clumber Park and those doing 5k knew exactly where to be and at what time to ambush the 10k gang and us all finish the run together.

However, the guidelines changed again and again and we faced the rule of six for runs outside which sadly meant we couldn't all run together, three groups it was and a lone wolf. But what that did mean was the purple, Steady Eddie Warriors would be seen far and wide.

With nothing we could do about it, we proudly donned our Warrior T shirts and Halloween tassels and went out into the cool morning.

Theresa and Phil were the first of us to get out and smashed their 10k on the Saturday, actually doing just over 12k and achieving an amazing time, Phil is a very able and accomplished distance runner but this was only Theresa second 12k.


Second off the block was Charlotte. Sadly, Mr Morrison wouldn't let Charlotte join in on the day due to staff shortages in store so she had no choice but to head out on her own and did an amazing job before going to feed the hungry in Morrison’s cafe. Hope she kept her cat ears on!


Third from the trap should have been Ange, Janette and Vicky doing a 10k. Unfortunately we were a Warrior down as Ange didn't make the run on the day but was definitely there in pumpkin loads of spirit. Vicky and Janette had a great run.


Last but not least and after a couple of socially distanced group photos and obligatory selfies, Sarah (Casper), Donna, Daisy, Helen and Claire set off into Clumber with a mild head wind and a bit of fine rain, you know the type, that that soaks you through, luckily it was very short lived. Determined to get everyone we saw into the Halloween spirit, we greeted everyone we saw with friendly hellos and a wave, we resisted the odd boo! We feel sure we certainly put a smile on a lot of faces.


Half way round, we all appeared at once at the National Trust entrance, we certainly gave the queuing cars a bit of entertainment as we asked for one of the staff to take our photo, little did we know we'd picked a cheeky one who asked if we had a wide angled lense!!


We got to the lake and Claire stopped again to take photos and seemed to lag quite behind, little did we know, she had seen another Warrior from a distance and was jumping about and waving like a loon. The other Warrior didn't see her and Claire just trotted off discreetly, hoping no one had seen her sudden outburst.


It was such a lovely route we did but a little bit eerie, we felt sure we were being followed. We couldn't ever see anything but you know when you have that feeling of being watched....


We would really like to thank Run The Wall and its amazing team yet again for giving us a reason to get out there together. We know that the ultimate purpose of Run The Wall is to raise vital funds for Aurora, especially the children but the incredible positive influence Run The Wall has on the wellbeing of everyone who supports it is phenomenal. The Santa Dash was truly magical, we all absolutely loved the Pie and Peas Quiz Night. 90 miles of May raised an amazing amount of money and made such a massive difference to all our lives and I am sure we are not alone in hoping we can do another one, but maybe in the spring. The PB challenge actually made one of us achieve her all time fastest 5k, maybe never to be repeated but you never know.

The Steady Eddies are an amazing group of friends of varying ability with one strong sense of togetherness. No one gets left behind. We have a Chief Operating Officer (he’s too fast to actually run with us) who helps to organise us logistically for which we are very grateful and his beautiful wife who always ensures a good cake stop is on route where possible. We will never be the fastest nor will we ever run the furthest but what we do bring is so much friendship and enjoyment.

Thank you

Donna Farmer, Claire Wright and the rest of the Steady Eddies