My story - Be the best you can be.
April 27th, 2020

My story - Be the best you can be.

This is my story

If you had asked me a while ago what would I never do? I would say running. I've tried so many times that I can't even count. Every new year resolution was running and it never happened.

Everything changed when my lovely son Alex signed up for a parent and child running club at school with Mr. Johnson. Well.. I should read what I'm signing up for! But it was to late to change my mind as Alex was really excited about it. I will never forget my first meeting. I may look like I'm funny and confident and get on with people but I'm actually really shy and hate meeting new people. Tracey really impressed me from first second. The passion she spoke about running, wow!. Mr Johnson said "if anyone can teach you how to run it is Tracey". ... and he was right. Beginning wasn't easy at all, lots of ups and downs. Lots of hard work, sweat and a few pairs of running shoes later I started to believe I can do it. The first time in my life I believed this time will be different.

After few weeks we joined GFR family (because it's not only a club). Everyone was so welcoming and supportive. I may not be as fast and as good as some of them, but they make me feel like I'm the best I can be❤️

All of a sudden it was time for my first park run.

I remember it really well 1st park run. Tracey said "you need to do it." I thought I will die half way round 🤣 hell I was not prepared for it 🤦‍♀️Thank goodness the lovely Nat took Alex under her wing because he would have killed me for going too slow🤣 (he is my best running buddy now...and my coach🏃🏃‍♀️) But I did it. I remember Gordon screaming on the hill "come on Kamila you can do it."

Those that don't run will not understand that feeling when you cross the finish line. I was so proud of myself. And all the people, (especially Tracey) who believed in me before I believed in myself ❤️. Runners are the most amazing, supportive, positive, caring people on the planet. I've meet so many inspirational people through running. I'm learning so much from them everyday.

Run the Wall is charity close to my heart. Sarah and the team are bloody amazing and if I can be a part of it I'm up for it. I know everyone was disappointed that it will not happen in 2020, but I'm looking on the bright side🔆 in 2021 I may be able to Run the Wall (or maybe a part of it at least 🤣) I have more time to train for sure.

I may be slow, I may not look like a typical runner, but I am a runner and this is only the beginning 👌