Run The Wall

“In January 2019 I was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time. The familiar feeling of fear returned to our family, my particular anxiety was around my children and how they would cope when I was ill. So, with too much time to think whilst recovering from a mastectomy, my thoughts turned to my dreams for the future. One long-standing dream stood out in particular, running Hadrian’s Wall! With the encouragement of our ever positive Tracey, Nat & Jo, this is not going to remain a dream for long, we are doing it, coast to coast, 90 miles over four days!”

This challenge has been organised for two reasons. Firstly, to raise money for the Aurora Centre in Worksop to extend their services, in particular to support children whose parents have been diagnosed with cancer. Secondly, this is about personal challenge, overcoming any ‘Wall’ that stands in your way, pushing your limits and achieving something you maybe thought was out of reach. This is why this adventure has been shared with as many local people as possible.

The event will take place over 4 days. Running west to east largely along the Hadrian’s Wall trail. To ensure the event can be accessed by a range of runners it has been split into 4 manageable days. Each day will be run over 4 stages. The hope is runners will find a challenge within those parameters. Whether it is running a day, partnering up in relay or if you are crazy enough attempting the full route. Using the stage approach, it will allow for rest, refuelling, and the opportunity to link up with support teams.

Whatever your challenge we are thrilled to have you on-board. Over the coming months train hard and sensibly, don’t leave it to the last minute. You will be successful because we have a great team of people who will support you along the way

Sarah, Chris and family
Run The Wall Crew

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